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Welcome to Tsikoudia, Welcome to Taste!

Tsikoudia is an authentic Greek tavern (taverna in Greek language) located in the heart of Zakynthos town, a few meters from Agios Markos square. In Tsikoudia you will taste meze (traditional Greek dishes), local Zakynthian delicacies and fresh seafood, along with Cretan raki, wine or anything else your heart desires.

Tsikoudia is the perfect place in Zakynthos for all food tastes: Whether you are a sea food lover, a meat lover or a vegetarian, here you will enjoy a variety of dishes that will satisfy your senses.

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All your meals in one place

Start your day with a full breakfast featuring yummy omelettes and fresh orange juice, continue with your branch just before you hit one of the magnificent Zakynthos beaches. Then come back for your lunch with feel-like-home-made traditional greek dishes, take a nap or two, return later to enjoy your evening with some glasses of ouzo, tsikoudia or tsipouro (greek raki varieties) along with sea-food "meze" dishes and Greek traditional live music.

Dionyssis and his crew are here always with their authentic smile to help you decide what's best for your taste to enjoy the perfect meal, to taste the real Greece.

"Yamas" & Bon appetit!


Taste the real Greece


Your taste is our purpose. We aim our food to be the best possible cooked & served around to provide you with the authentic Greek cuisine experience.

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We want everyone to be able to taste Greece through our cuisine. That is why our prices are as low as it gets, always preserving high quality and taste

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Ambiance is the canvas of a perfect meal. Always serving you with a smile, traditional Greek music tunes playing at the background and the vivid atmosphere of Zakynthos town create the perfect scenery for your taste experience.

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Fresh & Yummy

Tsikoudia Taverna Menu Overview

Fresh Fish

We serve the best fresh fish, including sea beam, bass fish, red snapper, fried or on-the-grill sardines, fried anchovy, sword fish or tuna fillet; as well as the best frozen fish dishes including salmon fillet, or shrimps souvlaki

Fresh Salads

Our salads, always made with fresh ingredients, include season salad, lettuce salad, mixed salad, Greek salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimps salad, Italian (with pine, raisins and Parmesan cheese) , Caesar’ s salad, chef salad and boiled vegetables salad. Oh,

Greek Cheese Plates

Greek feta cheese, graviera, ‘ladotyri’ (local zakynthian cheese), ‘saganaki’ (fried feta cheese), feta ‘tsikoudia’ (with honey and sesame), feta on the grill and many more cheese varieties cooked in anyways you can think of


Start your day with a juicy omelette and orange juice. Our omelette dishes include ham & cheese, bacon, special omelette as well as vegetarian omelette

Children’s Menu

Chicken nuggets, meatballs, pork souvlaki, spaghetti bolognese and village sausage comprise a yummy menu that our little ones will just love

Spaghetti Courses

Our famous courses of lobster spaghetti and shrimps spaghetti, spaghetti with sea food, italian pasta dishes (napoliten, bolognese, carbonara and basil) as well as spaghetti ala Greca (with olives, feta cheese, oregano and garlic) complete our pasta dish varieties.

Grilled Meat Choices

Meat lovers have a vast variety of choices including pork and beef steaks, beefburgers, ‘panseta’ pork chops, pork/chicken/mixed souvlaki, lamb chops, tenderloin pork, chicken fillet, beef fillet and beef liver.

Cold Appetizers

Start your meal with with bread, butter, olive pulp, garlic bread with bacon and cheese and tomato, ‘tzatziki’, eggplant salad, fish roe salad, hummus, ‘dolmades’ (stuffed vine leaves), florina peppers stuffed with feta cheese, garlic sauce and hot cheese salad.

Sea Food Appetizers

Fried mussels with garlic sauce, ‘saganaki’ mussels , garlic mussels, ‘saganaki’ shrimps, shrimps with garlic and butter, fried shrimps, fried squids, anchovy vinegary, ‘tsirosalata’ (fish salad), ‘lakerda’ (pickled fish), smoked mackerel, smoked herring, octopus vinegary and grilled octopus, baby squids

Greek Meals

The famous Greek ‘mousaka’ wouldn’t be missing of course, but there is more here like traditional Zakynthian rabbit, rabbit stew, beef in tomato sauce, beef stew, chicken in the oven, stuffed tomatoes, ‘kleftiko’ lamb and lamb in the oven.

Hot Appetizers

Our hot appetizers dishes include cheese pies, spinach pies, fresh french fries, aubergines in the oven with feta cheese, grilled feta cheese, ‘saganaki’ (fried cheese), ‘spetsofai’ (sausage with red sauce and peppers), zucchini balls, meat balls, grilled sausage (pork or

Vegetarian Meals

Vegetarian meals served including stuffed tomatoes, ‘dolmadakia’ (stuffed vine leaves), giant beans, ‘briam’ (mixed vegetables in red sauce), grilled vegetables, spaghetti ‘napoliten’ and spaghetti ‘tsikoudia’ (with garlic, olives, dried tomato), spaghetti with basil (onions, mushrooms, garlic, basil)

Spirits & Drinks

Our served spirits include a variety of beers, both bottled and draft, a selection of local blanc, rose and red wines, ‘retsina’ and the magnificent dark red Zakynthian wine ‘Avgoustiatis’. For non-alcohol thirsty ones we serve all best known soft

Taste the real Greece


The heart of the place



Dionyssis is a native Zakynthian born at the picturesque village of Keri in the south-west of Zakynthos island. He has a vast experience in the food industry and a real love for what he is doing. This led him to

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Apostolis is a young promising chef coming from the beautiful city of Nafpaktos in central Greece. After finishing his Chef School in Patras he decided to wander around Greece and learn the local cuisines. He loves mixing cultural elements from

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Renato is the front man of the place. He speaks quite a few languages including Italian and German. He lives in Zakynthos from his early ages but loves traveling around the world; he even may have a story or two

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Taste the real Greece
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